T.rex Tuesday for Jan. 9, 2018

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another T.rex Tuesday! Since we’re down to only a week before the special exhibition closes, I thought I’d revisit the “A T.rex Named Sue” exhibit at the Discovery Museum in Reno, NV. The traveling exhibit features a cast of Sue, and a lot of material and information that is presented alongside the original at her home in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History.


When we visited the Discovery last month, we were pretty excited by the quality of the exhibition. And it seemed to be attracting a fair amount of attention, as well. If you can’t get to Chicago to see the original, this is a great way to get exposed to this magnificent specimen. I think it’s great that it was exhibited in Sue’s hometown of Faith, SD a few years ago.


If you are near Reno and want to see Sue, there’s no time left to delay. The exhibit closes on Jan. 15. Enjoy, and let us know about your Sue experiences!