T.rex Tuesday for October 31st, 2017


It's not very often that a T.rex Tuesday falls on Halloween, but here we are. And I admit that I wasn't really well prepared for it. So it took a bit of scanning to figure out what might be an approporiate halloween photo. Themed? Nothing. Scary? Not exactly. How about big? Ferocious? Trick or Treating? All of the above?

364 other days a year, it's just another (exceptionally impressive) display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. But today, it's a pretty well grown up, taking his baby skeleton out for a turn around the town. I hope the treats are worth it, because the tricks probably aren't going to be any fun for anyone involved.

LACM 7509/150167, better known as Thomas, is a sub-adult Tyrannosaurus rex, and the focal point of the T.rex Growth Series, which is the showpiece of the new Jane G. Pisano Dinosaur Hall, which opened in 2011. Thomas towers over the rest of the group, measuring over 33 feet from snout to tail. He was estimated to be around 18 years old, and weigh something around 7,200 pounds. That's a pretty dramatic jump in both size and weight over the middle specimen in the group, which is only four years younger but weighed around 3,000 pounds less.

For our trick-or-treating adventure, Thomas is sharing the avenue with LACM 28471, also known as the Jordan Theropod because it was for some time suspected to be something other than a baby T.rex. (And no doubt some of those theories still have supporters.) The tiny rex is only three years old, and about 11 feet long. LACM documents show an estimate of only 66 pounds, which I can't imagine is correct, since my three foot long Labrador weighs about that much. Fortunately, she hasn't ever tried to eat me. I doubt Jordan would be so courteous.

I hope everyone is having a splendid harvest holiday. Thanks for following along with us so far. I'm looking forward to sharing more features with you in November and on into the future.