T.rex Tuesday November 29th, 2017


For this week's T.rex Tuesday, we're reaching back into the T.rex Road Trip archives. Back in 2010, we took a short family road trip that led us to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT. The attraction is part skeletons and science museum, and part dinosaur sculpture park. This time, I had my youngest kids with me, and they had a ball.

I don't recall a whole lot about the different skeletons inside, but I did take enough photos to figure that this is a cast of Wankel rex from Museum of the Rockies. They also had an allosaurus, a torvosaurus, and a small brachiosaur of some sort, along with the other displays, and an animatronic T.rex and Triceratops facing off. Like I said before, when it strays from hard science, I tend to be a little less interested. But the four person test audience that I was traveling with gave it eight thumbs up. So what do I know?