Saurian Sunday - Utah's Ceratopsian Wall


Saurian Sundays are a fun day for me. Tyrannosaurus rex is the site's "gateway dinosaur" but there's a lot of other dinosaurs that I want to make sure we cover as well. Saurian Sundays give us that opportunity. And with their Ceratopsian Family Tree, the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City has made this week's edition a lot easier. 

The east wall of the museum's impressive dinosaur hall features 14 - count 'em, 14! - reconstructed skulls of various species in the frilled Ceratopsid family. And since it's not impressive enough to simply display them, the skulls are divided up into various families, and arranged to show a rough pattern of evolution through the Cretaceous era that the species occupied.

Don't recognize all 14 species? The museum has prepared a handy reference sheet to serve as your guide. I have included a photo of it below. The wall is one of several impressive features in the Museum's new Rio Tinto Center campus, which opened in 2011. It is well worth a visit.