Theropod Thursday Double Feature - T.rex Tuesday


Good afternoon and welcome to round two of today’s Theropod Thursday Double Feature! T.rex Tuesday, Twos-Days Too Late. Before next week’s T.rex Tuesday rolls around, it looks like we’ll be headed out of California for good. In celebration (and certainly with nostalgia as well) we’re dedicating the time it will take us to pack up, leave, and get settled in, reminiscing about our favorite T.rex Road Trip haunts in the Golden State. Starting with our “Home rex.” At under two hours away, the University of California Musuem of Paleontology at UC Berkeley was a favorite stop for us. And their cast of Wankel rex in the building atrium was the main attraction.

Despite its name, UCMP is less of a Musuem and more a repository for preserved fossils, and a study location for visiting scholars. The archives, and the real meat an potatoes if you will, aren’t open to the public. That being said, UCMP does have several fossil casts that are displayed to the public, including the Wankel cast, a pteranodon, and a growth series of Triceratops skulls, among others. In my mind, it’s well worth the visit. The displays are open to the public any time the building is open.