T.rex Tuesday for Pi Day


Good afternoon and welcome to a slightly late special Pi Day edition of T.rex Tuesday! We've had quite a busy last few weeks - we were in Maine for most of last week (no T.rexes, but hopefully some other good news coming soon!) and we're spending this week sorting through our home and office and paring down the contents. The big news right now is that T.rex Road Trip World Headquarters will be closing up shop here in California and making a temporary move east. Way east. We'll be spending 1-3 months in the Orlando, FL area before making another move.

More on that later. But the move does mean one thing - there's another T.rex Road Trip getting ready to happen! While we're still trying to plot out our final route, I do expect that we'll hit at least a few museums as we drive east. We may have some contract work for our day job as part of the relocation, and that will help determine if we end up going through Utah, Colorado and Kansas, or Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. 

Thinking about road trips also makes me want to reflect a little on trips gone by. Like the one we took to Pittsburgh last fall. I've shared several photos from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, but I can't help but share another. The Daniel G. & Carole L. Kamin T. rex Overlook gives a pretty unique view of the Carnegie's pair of Tyrannosaurus rex specimens, including the holotype, CMNH 9380, shown here. In addition, the overlook houses the museum's modern herpetology collection, with several dioramas depicting lizards and snakes from the region.

We'll be updating T.rex Road Trip regularly during the transition period, and will be trying to provide some updates from the road as well. Mrs. T.rRT is heading out for Minneapolis next week, and taking the computer with her, so we won't be able to process any new photos or work up any videos until we get settled in in Florida during the first week of April. But I am busy uploading things to the site today so I can finish the updates on my iPad once the computer is gone. Thanks again and I will see you soon!