T.rex Art in South Dakota for Saurian Sunday


For the second time in the month of April, T.rex Road Trip has moved its World HQ overland, this time from Minneapolis to Colorado, where we ought to be spending the rest of the summer. That gave us the opportunity to stop in on relatives in South Dakota before a 750 mile, all-day marathon south. I honestly wasn’t expecting any T.rex action during the trek, but just after sunrise, we spotted this quirky piece of roadside art alongside I-90 near Murdo, SD.

The statues of a skeleton man holding an axe, leading a T.rex by an absurdly long rope, sits just east of Exit 170. I spent some time looking for information about the artist, to no avail. But I did find out after the fact that the statue is accessible from the nearby 1880 Town tourist attraction. That might have been a better option than mine, which was to pull off onto the shoulder and jump out for the photo. At a busier time of day, that probably would have been a little more dangerous than it was at 7am.

South Dakota is home to a number of prominent Tyrannosaurus rex finds, most notably the Field Museum’s renowned “Sue”, along with a number of other dinosaur fossils. Since Mrs. TrRT is originally from the state, and still has family there, I am lucky enough to visit from time to time. But it was by sheer luck that we happened across this particular piece, as we were only on the interstate for 40 miles or so before heading south on a state highway into Nebraska.